COMMUNITY: GROUP VISUAL EXPRESSION ON CANVAS TO SAY NO TO CHILD ABUSE COMMUNITY project lead by Mr. John Adenle to teach togetherness and one voice on the issues of CHILD ABUSE through a group visual expression on canvas for the campaign against child abuse. it is a mural work whereby every individual has a colour to contribute for the big picture: NO TO CHILD ABUSE Mural can be a relatively effective tool of social emancipation. Often, the visual effects are an enticement to attract public attention to social issues. Mural can have a dramatic impact whether consciously or subconsciously on the attitudes of the passers by. They as well add aesthetic improvement to the daily lives of residents. Mural could also be created for tourist attraction in other to boost economic income. For the artists, their works get a wide audience who otherwise might not set foot in an art gallery. A city benefits by the beauty of a work of art. Learn more on: www.teachingvisualart.blogspot.com The ART TEACHERS RETREAT @ OLUMO ROCK, Abeokuta, Ogun State. It runs till 31st August, 2012 9am through 4pm daily. See more images on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?id=724076158&tid=170627999662149&skipClustering=false&qn=1346228882&success=12&failure=0&set=oa.419257398132540



The train is leaving the station soon... Run. Get on it. Don't be left behind! Monday 27th to 31st August, 2012. The convergence of art tutors in an ART RETREAT @ OLUMO ROCK, Abeokuta, Ogun State. 9am through 4pm daily. This is an ample opportunity for Art teachers to RELATE-CONNECT-SHARE-CREATE-&-EXHIBIT... Registration is FREE through an sms notification. To attend,send ur "name, mobile, email & location" to +2348030874474 ..learn more on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/groups/170627999662149/



The major challenge in our society today is that no one ever gets involved in a venture if it is not bringing money, many will never do more if it doesn’t translate into more money but for Elder E.A. Yalumo it is about making an impact, leaving behind a legacy. Very few art teachers are like him and reason why he is gracing this page at this time. Here we tell the stories of extraordinary instructors on this page who are working tirelessly for the progress of art theory and practice. Elder E.A. Yalumo is the art tutor presently at the Comprehensive High School Ayetoro. He encourages his students maximize their greatest potentials; he created a studio for his students, a haven of creativity for these young artists. He recorded 100% Credit with his students in Visual art at the Senior School Certificate Examination two years ago; a dividend of a committed art teacher. He organizes yearly for his students an Art week tagged AFAS WEEK since 2008 with a formation of Association of Fine Art Students. The last one in 2011/2012 academic session features series of event including Football matches, Cultural display; a testimony that other talents and skills could emerge from an Art studio if the art teachers could do more. He leads by example; he created a sculptural piece (a horse) on the school premise for the delight of passers by. Elder E.A. Yalumo is attending the upcoming ART RETREAT on August 27 through 31 at Olumo Rock Tourism Complex, Abeokuta, Ogun State.



FESTIVAL OF CREATIVITY, an Art Exhibition in honour of Dr. Emmanuel O. Filani (immediate past Provost, FCE, Abeokuta) was indeed a success! The exhibition which was held at the wing of Aduke Maina Hall, FCE, Abeokuta in the month of August, 2012, was a reflection of the hard work and commitment to excellence of the handlers of the Department of Fine and Applied Art. The real achievement wasn't for holding a successful exhibition but for bringing back its alumni to exhibit along side with their 'lecturers'.
The true success in life is leaving behind trusted hands that can takeover the batons from us in any given field of enterprise. And not just a hand, but a capable and reliable ones, just like the exhibiting ex-students at the art showing, the likes of Morenikeji Olumide, Olusegun Adeniyi, Lanre Tejuoso, Felix Fahuwa, Foluso Osuntoyinbo, and Olusoji Sunday. They are pride of Federal College of Education, Abeokuta and outstanding proteges of Mr. John Adenle, Mr. Kenny Badaru, Mr. Kola Anidugbe, and Dr. Aje Arueyingho who are equally worthy tutors, mentors and true role models.
Personally, after twelve years of graduation they remain pillars in my artistic adventures and creative endeavours. Exhibiting along side with my ex-tutors was a rare opportunity and not everybody had such. I am part of their testimonies. I hope the art teachers today can learn from these incredible individuals. The fact is that they are accomplished in their career as tutors; having brilliant successors, already laid a foundation for continuity in art theory and practice in Nigeria and beyond.
In few weeks, precisely August 27 through 31, ART SCOUT and ART & SOULS STUDIO in collaboration with Olumo Rock Tourism Complex will be hosting art teachers in Ogun State to an Art Retreat for the purpose of re-awakening and encouraging effectiveness and efficiency in Art theory and practice; and to motivate art tutors to make similar indelible impacts in the lives of future generation of artists. The exhibition was not just a Festival of Creativity; it was an Harvest of Creative minds and Talents that emerged from this citadel of learning decades ago. So when next you see Mr. Adenle, Mr. Badaru, Mr. Anidugbe and Dr. Arueyingho please give them a hug (for me). I am eternally grateful for my path to have ever crossed theirs. To my worth role models, I say 'merci beaucoup'. I hope your students (to all art teachers) will hold such testimonies about you someday. You will have the opportunity of meeting in person these wonderful individuals at the retreat. See you at Olumo Rock Tourism Complex come August 27. See more images, please click on the link below: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.415588111832802&type=1&success=5&failure=0



AT OLUMO ROCK TOURISM COMPLEX, OGUN STATE. STRUCTURE/DATE The art retreat will be tailored towards an exhibition. It is tend to be an exchange exercise for the art instructors where they are made to interact and create bodies of works to address different issues in the society. The project is meant to host seventy five (75) art instructors. They will be sharing ideas and exploring myriad of media and special projects for the first three days. The fourth day is billed for cultural interlude with array of cultural display and performances. The last day will features an exhibition of works executed during the period of the art retreat. The art retreat is slated to run between Monday 27th and Friday 31st of August, 2012. The art tutors resume by 9am and close by 4pm every day. To learn more please call Olu on +2348030874474 OR Keji on +2348061643014 If you are an art instructor and interested to take part, please e-mail us to: teachingvisualart@gmail.com