TESTIMONY: Mr. Micheal Ebilakun

Mr. Micheal Ebilakun was at the ART TEACHERS RETREAT last summer break... He is motivated, and engaging more in studio works now thane ver. This has immensely inspired most of his students : the essence of the ART RETREAT !

TESTIMONY: Mr. Kayode Maku

Mr. Kayode Maku was also at the Art retreat, and since then he has been working vibrantly with his students to maximize talents in performing art. He gave brilliant performance with his students to entertain the guest at the opening ceremony of the art exhibition tagged: AGE OF CHANGE to commemorate the Nigeria’s 52nd Independence anniversary in Abeokuta.

TESTIMONY: Mr. Olumide Emmanuel Shoaga

Mr. Olumide Emmanuel Shoaga is a versatile artist, a photographer (One time on-air personality) and an art tutor of Nigeria descent. He is an artist in its totality, he breathes and lives art. He is an epitome of what a true artist is. His life as an artist has influence a lot of individuals to tow the part of visual art as a profession. And he is a worthy mentor in the creative art community. For years Mr. Olumide Shoaga has not been exhibiting and created less works. His encounter at the just concluded Art retreat made the diferrence. It was a reawakening, and for just little period of time his portfolio has immensely increased. Mr. Olumide Shoaga is one of the exhibiting artists at the on-going art exhibition tagged: AGE OF CHANGE to commemorate the Nigeria’s 52nd Indepedence anniversary at Olumo Rock Tourist Complex, Abeokuta, Nigeria. He has beautiful and fascinating art pieces on display at the exhibition. Below is Mr. Shoaga posing with some of his works.


My experience at the ART TEACHERS RETREAT was “a thrilling and surprising one”. Thrilling because, I was opportune to see art teachers and artists at work. They created something beautiful and splendid out of something ordinary. I use the word surprise because I got in touch with my artistic side which I never knew existed. I am neither an art student nor teacher, and I believed I knew nothing close to Art but I was persuaded to come up with something, which I did and surprisingly I was complimented for the work. By and large, the organizers have done a marvelous job; they created a platform where people can freely express themselves artistically without restrain. Youth and everyone will be looking forward to the next retreat and I believe it will be described in two words “thrilling and surprising”. ISEOLUWA OBAGADE