To succeed today and in the future, the children will need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative. And the best way to foster that creativity is through art education. Art education promotes and encourages creativity, fuels imagination, and provides opportunities for brain development, mastery self esteem. However, the Art teacher remains the key ingredient in nurturing creativity and harnessing talents. Apparently the art teachers are playing vital roles in our society because they influence the next generation of creative minds.
 Consequent upon the above, we have created a virtual platform for ART TEACHERS to share their works in ART EDUCATION with a wider range of audience at www.artteachersclub.blogspot.com.

The objective of this web log is to create inspirations in art education and spotlight for the art teachers advancing the front line of art education in Nigeria. We believe that the art teachers have magnificent and inspiring stories to be told, and that story can ignite passion, create inspiration and motivate a fellow art teacher to make incredible exploit in the field of art.

 www.artteachersclub.blogspot.com is not an association base platform; it is a one stop virtual portal exclusively to expand the virtual visibility of Nigerian Art teachers, share their passionate insights and incredible portfolio to offer inspirations for the new generation of artists, art educators and art lovers. It is for Art teachers who will like to showcase their talents and works in Art education, connect with other Art teachers and project the advantages of Art engagements. We are inviting the Art teachers to share their accomplishments, achievements and amazing feats they have had to improve art appreciation in their school community and the society at large. Your story can proffer inspiration to fellow art teacher and encourage Art appreciation in other academic communities and change our world.

The objectives of the virtual platform are stated below:
• To provide a constant flow of Art education content with credence to the Art teachers’ portfolio to increase the society understanding of Art, stimulate interest, and foster art appreciation in our communities. 
• To create virtual profile of the excellent Art educators, their portfolio and achievements in Art education and this will be accessible to a global audience. 
• To encourage, motivate and inspire the Nigerian Art teachers to be innovative and be empowered to discover and harness the God’s given talents of their students to the best level possible. 
• To foster an authentic network of Art teachers. 
• To advance Art education in Nigeria and create Art Education awareness.  

The benefits of the virtual platform to the Art teachers are stated below:
The Art teachers can adopt the platform as their personal web page when their profile has been uploaded on the web log e.g. www.artteachersclub.blogspot.com/Omovo-Ayoola 
• It will generate virtual visibility for the participated art teachers. 
• It is an avenue for the Art teachers to showcase and share their works in Art education with the global audience.
 • Art teachers can use the virtual platform as a reference point.
 • Art teachers can connect with the African child who will like to have a mentor to advance his potentials especially the kids that have no access to Art education.

The need for virtual documentation is that: when you document your resume online, it makes you accessible to the global; it connect you to people that may want to learn about your works in art education and can also offer inspiration to the future generation. Virtual documentation is global and not limited to a certain categories of audience. Criteria for participation are that you must be an art teacher teaching presently or have taught in the Nigerian schools, public or private and must have passion to advance Art education in Nigeria. Every week we shall be sharing the stories of different art teachers making positive impacts to develop the creative art field and to advance the teaching of Art in schools. All articles shared on this platform shall remain permanently accessible to the global e-community.

The Art teacher is to send his story in word document with images as attached files to: teachingvisualart@gmail.com As an Art teacher, we all have a collective role to educate, sensitive, and orientate the public of the significance benefit of Art education to the society.

TEACHING VISUAL ART will continue to collaborate with other organizations in enriching the resources available for Art teachers for self improvement, capacity building and career fulfillment. Please share this information with an Art teacher.

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