COMMUNITY: GROUP VISUAL EXPRESSION ON CANVAS TO SAY NO TO CHILD ABUSE COMMUNITY project lead by Mr. John Adenle to teach togetherness and one voice on the issues of CHILD ABUSE through a group visual expression on canvas for the campaign against child abuse. it is a mural work whereby every individual has a colour to contribute for the big picture: NO TO CHILD ABUSE Mural can be a relatively effective tool of social emancipation. Often, the visual effects are an enticement to attract public attention to social issues. Mural can have a dramatic impact whether consciously or subconsciously on the attitudes of the passers by. They as well add aesthetic improvement to the daily lives of residents. Mural could also be created for tourist attraction in other to boost economic income. For the artists, their works get a wide audience who otherwise might not set foot in an art gallery. A city benefits by the beauty of a work of art. Learn more on: www.teachingvisualart.blogspot.com The ART TEACHERS RETREAT @ OLUMO ROCK, Abeokuta, Ogun State. It runs till 31st August, 2012 9am through 4pm daily. See more images on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?id=724076158&tid=170627999662149&skipClustering=false&qn=1346228882&success=12&failure=0&set=oa.419257398132540

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