The major challenge in our society today is that no one ever gets involved in a venture if it is not bringing money, many will never do more if it doesn’t translate into more money but for Elder E.A. Yalumo it is about making an impact, leaving behind a legacy. Very few art teachers are like him and reason why he is gracing this page at this time. Here we tell the stories of extraordinary instructors on this page who are working tirelessly for the progress of art theory and practice. Elder E.A. Yalumo is the art tutor presently at the Comprehensive High School Ayetoro. He encourages his students maximize their greatest potentials; he created a studio for his students, a haven of creativity for these young artists. He recorded 100% Credit with his students in Visual art at the Senior School Certificate Examination two years ago; a dividend of a committed art teacher. He organizes yearly for his students an Art week tagged AFAS WEEK since 2008 with a formation of Association of Fine Art Students. The last one in 2011/2012 academic session features series of event including Football matches, Cultural display; a testimony that other talents and skills could emerge from an Art studio if the art teachers could do more. He leads by example; he created a sculptural piece (a horse) on the school premise for the delight of passers by. Elder E.A. Yalumo is attending the upcoming ART RETREAT on August 27 through 31 at Olumo Rock Tourism Complex, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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