The February edition of the CHILDREN ART CLUB was a success. The CHILDREN ART CLUB is endorsed by InSEA (www.insea.org), powered by the TEACHING VISUAL ART with support from Olumo Art Movement.

The February edition was held on Saturday 21st February at the usual venue, the Cultural and Musical Heritage Centre, OLUMO ROCK, Ikija, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Registration started by 9am; the Art session commenced by 10am and ended around 1pm. The CHILDREN ART CLUB is stipulated to hold every 3rd Saturdays of the month. The next edition comes up on Saturday 21st day of March 2015.

The CHILDREN ART CLUB was established to make ART EDUCATION and ART PRACTICE accessible and affordable (absolutely free) for the Nigerian children irrespective of their social background, status or religion affiliation. It is meant to improve and expand access to Art education in such that the children of our nation will receive a broad and balanced education. The essence is to create a springboard to help the children on their voyage of discovery and self-expression. 

The CHILDREN ART CLUB is an outlet for self-expression, started in January 2015 to unlock talents, encourage aspirations, and nurture creativity. It is a creative platform for every child to help them harness, maximize and express unhindered their God's given potentials in a serene environment that inspire creativity. The CHILDREN ART CLUB platform is to grant the talented children the access to the best, most-stimulating and most-rewarding artistic engagements that includes;
          Creative expression through drawing, mosaic, collage, painting, sculpture, wearable art, graffiti, and many more.
          Teaching and learning of art techniques under the guidance of a working artists and art educators.
          Share art ideas with their peers.
          Hands-on workshops with diverse studio artists and art educators.
          Building portfolio and Participating in national and international Art contests.
          Showcase their talents and skills through Art Exhibitions.
          Virtual documentation of the children's Art works and media exposure.

It is a platform where we can reach each child through art as a therapy, empowerment and personal talent development. At the February edition, the children were made to create wearable arts with white t-shirts. It was fun and the children enjoyed the remarkable moment of creating art on ready-to-wear shirts. The facilitators include Alhaji Adeleye, Mr. Kehinde H., and Prince Olusegun Adeniyi with a visiting artist, Lanre Tejuoso. We had the presence of the following special guests; Mr. Segun Coker, the president of the School of Virtue (SOV); Mr. Seyi Oladimeji (SLAD), the Director of programmes, OGTV; and the Public Faces Magazine team lead by Miss Bola Solate. Public Faces Magazine is to give media support to the project. We appreciate them all. We will also like to say thank you to the president of Olumo Art Movement, Mr. Kola Anidugbe.

You too can be part of it; volunteer, participate, sponsor or partner with the TEACHING VISUAL ART to bring continued Art resources for the advancement of Art practice, theory and appreciation in the nation of ours, Nigeria.

If you'd like to help a child realizes his/her creative side, then this is the project for you.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact: teachingvisualart@gmail.com,  +2348030874474, and  +2348024069722 for further information.

The next edition of the CHILDREN ART CLUB comes up on Saturday 21st day of March 2015.

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