“The greatest wastes are unused talents and untried ideas”

At TEACHING VISUAL ART, we are committing resources to break the cycle of wasted talents, and to nurturing talents, preserving generation of innovative thinkers by getting Art education into our communities.
Giving a child art education is like giving him/her a tool to succeed in life... For the children to succeed today and in the future, they will need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative. And the best way to foster that creativity is through arts education.

So, today, the first day of September 2015, we are starting a campaign for our new art project, RURAL ART PROJECT. We are taking ART EDUCATION to villages, the most remote rural areas where “art education” might be a foreign language, but we are reaching each child through art as a therapy, empowerment and personal talent development in their habitats. 

 We are going to villages where there are no art teachers and no art facilities for the young ones to engage in artistic activities. We are taking a step towards building communities by taking art education to the rural areas; and we are absolutely sure that this project will ignite passion, inspire creativity, open doors for exploration and stimulate the artistic growth of many of the engaged kids. More so, this will definitely be a lifelong experience for many kids who may probably be participating in the arts for the very first time.  

Art opens a child to self discovery; therefore any artistic endeavour engaged with the children should be fully supported and encouraged.  In this voyage, we shall equally be involving the parents of these children by encouraging them to hang the paintings of their wards on the walls of their hut, mud houses and tents.
We shall be taking this adventure with teaching artists and will also be accompanied by professional photographers who will help capture the moments. The trip will commence in different batches between December 21st and 27th

You too can get involved by participating or donating towards this project, Send your donations to us:
First Bank

TEACHING VISUAL ART’s mission is to bring continued resources and support to the advancement of art theory and practice in Nigeria.

For further enquiry, contact: teachingvisualart@gmail.com, +2348030874474.

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