On Saturday 19th of December, the CHILDREN ART CLUB went green with the kids getting engage with the issues of climate change through visual expression which will earn them the Green Champion certificate from the United State YALI programme. The CHILDREN ART CLUB is usually held every 3rd Saturday of the month with FREE admission for every interested child at the Cultural and Musical Heritage Centre, OLUMO ROCK, Ikija, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

The CHILDREN ART CLUB is an outlet for self-expression, to unlock talents, encourage aspirations, and nurture creativity. It is a creative platform for every talented child irrespective of their status and social background to help them harness, maximize and express unhindered their God's given potentials in a serene environment that inspire creativity. We made the membership of CHILDREN ART CLUB free to accommodate children from different backgrounds and to make sure that the issue of finance will not deny a child of this great opportunity to put his/her talent to use. 

The Art session was facilitated by Prince Olusegun Michael Adeniyi and ‘Dare Sobola. The guest artist for the December edition of the CHILDREN ART CLUB was Olanrewaju Tejuoso. Tejuoso just returned from an art residence programme in Indonesia where he created a recycled art museum which he named Black Market Museum. The children created a large format art piece as a group with a mixed media of Tempera and Gouache. 

The work is titled:  “Here and there”- A world in between our collective response to climate change.
Description of the Art work:
In the painting is a tree standing in between two moments in time. The first half (left) shows a world that has been badly affected by climate change and rendered inhabitable and an evidence of famine in the land. The second half (right) shows a flourishing world, a fertile agricultural land and habitable.
The art work is to raise the consciousness of the people of the world of the climate change risks and to let communities know that the rising sea levels, flooding, and drought from climate change will alter the land available for human habitat and development. The loss of predictable rainfall and fertile agricultural land will cause loss of agricultural production and eventually lead to famine.
We all need to act now and embrace “green” living to make the earth habitable for the generations to come.

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