'The true objective of artistic education is not necessarily to create more dancers or professional artists. It is to create more complete human beings that are critical thinkers, curious minds, capable of leading a productive life.'
We support arts education for sustainable development because we believe that arts education promotes personal and social well-being. Arts education develops students’ self-esteem, social interactions and confidence.
At TEACHING VISUAL ART, we are taking the art education of the Nigerian children seriously and we are interested in the advancement of the frontline of art education in Nigeria, and in the continent of Africa.
TEACHING VISUAL ART is a creative social enterprise that provides diverse platform for promoting, encouraging artistic engagements and to increase the community’s awareness on the importance of arts education. TEACHING VISUAL ART is a strong advocate of Art as a means of unlocking innovation and creativity, and dedicated to serve children from various backgrounds and culture. It is committed to the support of Art Education for its benefits of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Its projects are endorsed by InSEA (www.insea.org).

You can invite us to your school, orphanage home or art camp to engage the young ones in series of Artistic engagements that is geared towards skill acquisition, therapy or personal talent growth. Send us a mail to teachingvisualart@gmail.com
We will like to be on jury team of any children’s art contest or any other art activities with the aims of helping the young ones to harness their God’s given talents.
We want to provide Art Education that is accessible and engaging for as many kids as possible. You can play a part, collaborating with you will contribute immensely to our work to advance the learning field of Art in Nigeria.

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