Reality of today’s world during the COVID-19 pandemic is that things are no longer the way they were. The lockdown has put a halt to so many social and academic gatherings, conferences has been postponed till further notice and boarders are closed.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected our world in no way words can express but this has not stop us from talking about how we can better our world through art, and how we can advance the learning field of Art on the continent of Africa through the platform ART TEACHERS’ HANGOUT. https://youtu.be/GwqnDEJpObw

ART TEACHERS’ HANGOUT is a virtual platform where art educators from different part of Africa beyond the boarders meet while on quarantine from the comfort of their homes to contribute to the conversation about the future of art education in Africa. 

The vision is to build network of art educators across the continent of Africa that are locally relevant and influential with global perspective. Art educators and teaching artists are invited to participate, share and contribute to the ongoing work geared towards advancement of learning field of art in Africa.

Creativity is contagious, when we share our creative work, we open others for more inspiring creative engagements on the planet of Africa. If you have a dream of imparting on the development of art in Africa or empowering the art educators, this platform is for you irrespective of your race, colour or nationality.

The platform is on Microsoft Teams, Every Sunday at 8pm (GMT +1). To participate, send your name, institution and country to: +2348030874474 (WhatsApp only) and the link to join shall be sent to you. 

This initiative is to foster dialogue and sharing stimulating art projects to improve creativity, art appreciation and engagement in the learning field of art in Africa. It is powered by TEACHING VISUAL ART, affiliated organization to InSEA.

Watch previous conversation at: https://youtu.be/GwqnDEJpObw


  1. Quite informative!

  2. This is a wonderful and welcoming initiative, Sir.

    We can only remain standing tall to continue making sure that Visual Art as subject take its rightful place among all other subjects.

    May God continue be with us all.


  3. A good information and initiative for the visual artists and world around us especially at this pandemic period. Thanks and God bless. Amen