Susan M. Coles coming to the ART EDUCATORS HANGOUT this weekend

The world is observing social distancing and this has made it impossible for art educators to come together physically as the boarders are closed and countries are on lockdown. The ART EDUCATORS’ HANGOUT has offered the art educators the platform to discuss their works, interact and inspire one another towards advancing the learning field of Art and improving the quality of art education on the continent of Africa. 
This Sunday, 14th of June, we are bringing to the ART EDUCATORS HANGOUT a very experienced InSEA member who will be sharing with us the InSEA manifesto and the role of the art teacher... Get all your questions ready for Susan M. Coles (past President of NSEAD and World Councillor for InSEA) as she shares with us from her wealth of experience about the InSEA manifesto.

Susan is based in the UK, as an art adviser and consultant and is a past President of the UK's national association for Art and Design education (NSEAD) and a member of their Council. She represents Europe on the World Council of InSEA. Susan works in schools, colleges, universities and with trainee art teachers. Susan believes in the power of the subject to change people's lives and is a great networker, and a critical friend to many organisations and people. She advocates for art education at the highest level and is secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art Education in the British Parliament. You can find out more by following Susan on Twitter @theartcriminal or visiting her website www.artcrimes.org.uk

Art Educators Hangout is to foster dialogue and sharing stimulating art projects to improve creativity, art appreciation and engagement in the learning field of art in Africa. 

The platform is on Microsoft Teams, on Sundays at 8pm (GMT +1). To participate, send your name, institution and country to: +2348030874474 (Prince Olusegun) WhatsApp only and the link to join shall be sent to you. For further enquiries, send mail to: teachingvisualart@gmail.com

This is powered by TEACHING VISUAL ART, affiliated organization to InSEA.

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